Rich Symbolism and Meaning of the Bear Tattoos

The animal motifs are always in trend among tattoo fans because of their beauty, appeal and rich symbolism. This mighty and clubfooted beast with the dual nature personifies fury, rigor, dominating, valor and courage from one hand, and care, motherly love, hearth protection and wisdom on the other hand.

The bear tattoos originate from the Celtic times when the warriors applied them as a protective emblem, and the women inked them as a sign of motherhood, devotion to the family and childbearing.

  • The Native Americans worshiped this wild mammal and were persuaded that the bear had the healing power, and had a spiritual link with another world. Also, this predator was admired for his force and savagery, and for his ability to hunt because it was very important for survival.
  • In the Scandinavian mythology, the bear mean boldness and militancy, and the Scandinavians had a belief that this animal linked them with the God and gave them away his strength and might during the battles.
  • In the Slavic culture, this mammal personifies motherhood, courage, majesty and patience.
  • In the ancient Egypt, the bear was a sign of dominance, privilege and authority, and was applied by Pharaohs.
  • The Muslims and the Christians associated this animal with avidity, gluttony and depravity, but now they have changed their attitude to this predator, and it stands for revival.

Before to get inked the bear tattoo, you should opt for the breed of the bear you want to get tattooed, and take into consideration their symbolic meaning.

For instance, the panda bear exemplifies tranquility, balance, harmony and peace, while the white bear represents independence, freedom and loneliness.

The Grizzly bear signifies masculinity, ferocity and endurance.

The Koala bear stands for unpredictability, protection and link with nature. The bear paw tattoo was a mystical sign in many cultures, nowadays, it symbolizes force, nobility and might, additionally, it’s regarded to be a lucky charm.

The bear tattoos choose self-assured, ambitious and decisive men who want to highlight their masculinity while women opt for the bear tattoo to reveal their caring nature, love to their family and to children. Men prefer the king-sized bear tattoos with the swords, armor, blood drops and scratches in the realistic, geometric or tribal styles, and the girls adore brightly colored teddy bears tattoo in cartoonish style because they look sweet and cuddly or in the linework and watercolor styles.

Tattoo enthusiasts tend to venture the bear tattoo on the shoulder, back, chest and forearms. The sleeve bear tattoo looks also catchy and sensational.