Top 10 Best Numbing Creams for Tattoos

Modern medicine can offer a wide range of professional numbing sprays, gels, soaps, and creams for every taste. Depending on the level of pain threshold, each person needs an individual approach when choosing an anesthetic to perform a tattoo.

Only an experienced tattoo artist with a long history of work is able to give recommendations for the right painkiller. However, it would be useful for each person to become familiar with the use of such anesthetics. It especially concerns beginners, who are only going to make the first tattoo.

Tattoo fans know about the painfulness of this procedure at first hand. The process of making tattoos on the body is accompanied by acute sensations. Many people want to make this procedure as comfortable as possible. In this way, what do you need to know and what kind of painkilling cream is better to use so that the tattoo parlor does not turn into a torture chamber for you?

Let’s consider more in detail the most effective numbing creams used by tattoo artists.

 1. TKTX Anesthetic Cream

TKTX Anesthetic Cream

This is a professional anesthetic cream for tattoo sessions, laser tattoo removal, epilation, scarification and other procedures. By results of independent research, TKTX Cream is the best product by the painkilling effect and time of action at present days. The main active ingredients of the cream are both lidocaine and prilocaine of 5% concentration, as well as epinephrine 0.01%. The mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine is one of the most effective combinations for making infiltration anesthesia. Epinephrine is a powerful coagulant that reduces bleeding and swelling in the tissues during the tattoo procedure. The agents do not act on the regeneration process and the crust is not formed. No inflammation, rash, and rejection of the coloring pigments are observed. Due to the duration of anesthesia, the client feels comfortable all the time that is required for the procedure. The tattoo picture remains bright and saturated. With this anesthetic medication, any procedure of cosmetology will be just a joy. You can only relax in anticipation of the desired result.


Maximum cleanse the skin, apply a thick layer of this medication, cover with a plastic wrap and leave for 30 minutes. Then, take off the wrap and remove the rest of the anesthetic cream. In the case of need, apply the cream twice. Start performing the tattoo. The duration of anesthesia is from 1.5 hours (in particularly sensitive areas, for example, the inner side of the thigh) to 6 hours (shoulders or knees).

Precautionary Measures

If the skin is injured, the ointment cannot be kept longer than 10-15 minutes, otherwise, chemical burns can happen. In this case, the tattoo session should be stopped. An individual allergic reaction to the composition of the drug is possible. Carefully observe the sensations during the absorption of the cream. If you feel an intolerable itch or the skin becomes too red, the ointment should be removed immediately.

2. HUSH Anesthetic Tattoo Numbing Gel

HUSH Anesthetic Tattoo Numbing Gel

HUSH Numbing Gel can be packaged in bottles of 60 ml and 120 ml. It is made under compliance with the FDA standard. The gel can be used before any painful procedure on the skin, including the removal of tattoos and piercings. This non-greasy gel consists of a unique blend of plant extracts, including aloe, which does not affect the color of the ink and reduces inflammation and redness of the skin during and after the tattooing procedure. The gel is specially designed to be used prior to the process of tattooing. It is safe for all skin types, including the sensitive one and fits for all areas of the body. The numbing effect is claimed to last for up to 4 hours. That leaves your tattoo artist more time to work. However, some users noted that they didn’t quite get the desired strong effect to block all the pain.

It has no artificial ingredients, so it smells neutral or like medical supplies at worst. The gel contains 4% lidocaine, purified water, alcohol, aloe leaf extract, propylene glycol, triethanolamine, glycerin, menthol, chamomile flower extract, calendula extract, green tea leaf extract, comfrey root extract, acrylates, sodium, caprylyl glycol, and methylisothiazolinone.


Before tattooing, apply a thick layer of HUSH Tattoo Gel in the area of the future tattoo. Spread the gel evenly and pass repeatedly around the edges. Use a plastic wrap (saran wrap) and keep it warm for 1 hour. Remove the wrap and prepare the skin for the procedure. For skin cleaning, HUSH Foam Soap is recommended. It cleanses the skin thoroughly and protects the future picture from discoloration.

Precautionary Measures

Do not use it during pregnancy or feeding. Keep out of the reach of children. The skin may feel dull long after the numbing effect stops.

3. Sustaine Blue Gel

Sustaine Blue Gel

This is one the best anesthetic for tattoos and permanent makeup for today. Its speed effect and effectiveness in removing bruises and swellings makes it popular for sensitive skin and inflammations. It is also suitable for all skin types in procedures related to hanging skin injuries. Therefore, the gel is not effective when applied to intact skin. This is an incredibly powerful anesthetic for applying tattoo contours. It operates virtually trouble-free and it has a long-lasting effect.

Sustaine contains 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine for anesthesia and 0.002% epinephrine for reducing swelling, bruising, and bleeding. It has also water and hydroxyethylcellulose with no alcohol. A unique combination of ingredients contained in Sustaine makes it an indispensable remedy for professional use. Choose Sustain for all procedures where numbness is of paramount importance.


Before applying Sustaine Blue Gel, test the skin for possible allergies. Apply the gel on the inside of the hand and if there are no signs of irritation after 24 hours, you can start using it. The gel is applied in the time of the tattoo procedures. Add some Sustaine gel with a thin layer on the damaged skin with a cotton pad and wait for up to 5 minutes until the numbness of the skin. When applying this product, the master should always wear gloves. Before the procedure begins, thoroughly wash the gel off the skin. The analgesic effect lasts about 2 hours. Sustain can be applied repeatedly several times during one procedure. Remember that an excessive use of the gel leads to the fact that the skin will absorb the pigment worse. In case of drawing a large tattoo, it makes sense to apply Sustaine gradually and not on the whole work area.

Precautionary Measures

Sustaine Blue Gel is for use only by trained and licensed tattoo artists. Make sure in advance that you have no allergic reaction to its components. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Temporary redness or whitening of the skin in places of application may occur. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of water. Re-applying this product more than twice in one go in the same area is not recommended.

4. Dr. Numb Anesthetic Cream

Dr. Numb Anesthetic Cream

This cream is for application in the healthy skin areas. Its ingredients are creamy base, 5% prilocaine, lidocaine 5%, and benzocaine 3%. This ointment is designed to anesthetize the working area before permanent makeup, tattooing or piercing. It is possible to use it for laser removing tattoos. Before applying, the epidermis should be degreased. Anesthetic cream Dr. Namb is made in the USA or Canada, but it also produced by another manufacturer from South Korea with a bit different composition – 0.01% epinephrine, 6% lidocaine, and 4% prilocaine.


Put a thick layer of it on the skin and cover the area with cling wrap. The time of exposure is half an hour, but the better effect is achieved by holding it for up an hour. Then, the wrap is removed and the skin is washed with warm water and soap. Wipe dry the skin and you can make the tattoo. The effect of anesthesia lasts up to 4 hours.

Precautionary Measures

Care should be taken to avoid getting this anesthetic into the eyes or mouth. In case of prolonged irritation or rubbing eyes, consult an ophthalmologist. Avoid direct sunlight during storage.

5. Super Numb Cream

Super Numb Cream

This anesthetic water-based cream is intended for local use by the application method before carrying out painful procedures on the intact skin. Super Numb helps make the tattooing process much less painful. It has a unique composition of 5% lidocaine, tetracaine, adrenaline, and creamy base. The agent is used locally on the skin as anesthesia. It is applied in cosmetology, tattooing, and piercing. The cream is also used for removing tattoo and laser permanent makeup. The anesthetic effect lasts up to 4 hours. This is a guarantee of beauty without any discomfort.


Before application, clean the epidermis with an alcohol solution, then apply it by a thick layer in the desired skin area and cover it with a plastic wrap for half an hour. After it, the wrap is removed. It is enough to wipe the skin with a napkin. You can proceed to make a tattoo. If necessary, you can apply the cream repeatedly during the procedure.

Precautionary Measures

Cream-anesthetic Super Numb is not applied to the damaged and inflamed skin. Use it with caution in anemia and low blood pressure. Keep out of the reach of children. It is for external use only. In case of contact with eyes, wash them with plenty of water. If irritation or rash occurs, stop the use and consult a doctor.

6. Painless Tattoos Anesthetic Cream

Painless Tattoos Anesthetic Cream

This anesthetic is designed to anesthetize body parts before the tattoo. Thanks to the unique formula of the drug, the procedure for applying tattoos does not hurt the client and the master can work easily. The anesthetic ointment keeps the effect of anesthesia for several hours, which is very necessary for work with the tattoo. It is important to know – this tool has a very fast action, with a lasting effect. After applying the remedy to the body, it takes less than 10 minutes for achieving a good numbing effect. Do not wait for hours before the session, tormenting in anticipation of pain. Use Painless Tattoos and feel comfortable.


Required parts of the body should be disinfected with alcohol. Apply a thin layer of the cream. Cover it with a food polyethylene wrap. Wait for 7-10 minutes, after that you can begin the session. This cream is often recommended for use in tattoo parlors. Customer reviews are positive.

Precautionary Measures

You should not apply the cream to cuts, abrasions or wounds, to areas where there is a skin rash or eczema, within or near the eyes, on the nasal mucosa, ears, mouth or anus.

7. Super Trio Cream

Super Trio Cream

Super Trio Cream, made in the USA, is one of the most powerful creams for anesthesia before the tattoo procedure. This anesthetic is very effective for numbness of the skin. It is good to use before creating the initial contour of the tattoo, before the first pass in the procedure of permanent makeup or before applying the laser. This remedy works faster than many other drugs. Super Trio contains 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine, and 12% benzocaine. This anesthetic is designed specifically for procedures on thick skin, laser procedures, and piercing. Besides tattooing, this cream is used for the local anesthesia during peeling, piercing, laser therapy, mesotherapy, removal of tattoos and any painful types of dermatological treatment.


Put it on the skin under the wrap for 20-30 minutes before the procedure.

Precautionary Measures

Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. It is prohibited to use it during pregnancy and feeding. Not allowed for clients with allergic reactions to the components, with cardiovascular pathologies of acute course, as well as with dermatological diseases.

8. Lushcolor Numb Cream

Lushcolor Numb Cream

An anesthetic professional cream Lushcolor is intended for use for permanent make-up, tattooing, piercing, epilation and other salon services that require the numbness of the skin. After applying the remedy, the procedure is completely painless for the client and calm for the master due to the increased amount of lidocaine (7%). This is the safest and purest numbing cream that does not conflict with any kind of tattoo ink. The painkiller effect lasts up to 5 hours.


Before applying the cream, the epidermis should be disinfected with the alcohol solution. The skin should not be damaged. Apply the cream and gently massage it into the skin evenly. The cream is applied with a thick layer. Cover this place with a polyethylene wrap for about 25 minutes. After the recommended time, the wrap is removed, the body is cleaned with a clean gauze or tissue, and then the tattoo artist can start working.

Precautionary Measures

This cream is for use by professional tattoo masters only. It is forbidden to use it in the case of skin damage. Consult a doctor before using this medication if you suffer from diabetes, take pills to normalize blood pressure or have problems with the cardiovascular system.

9. Numb Master Cream

Numb Master Cream

Numb Master is non-oily cream, designed for making or removing tattoos, for bikini waxes, or even for injections or shots. The cream has an FDA certificate. This topical anesthetic is perfect for quick, localized use to kill the pain. When combined with micro-needling procedures, this numbing cream is more effective than any usual one. It is also effective for blood tests, inoculations, hair removal and basic cosmetic procedures. Numb Master is advertised primarily for blocking the pain associated with tattooing and inflammations. The active ingredient is liposomal lidocaine (5%) that penetrates deeply into the skin for an optimal numbing effect. It is recommended for anyone who has a phobia of needles.


It is advised to apply it 25 minutes before the procedure. The effect is said to last only 1 hour. Have in the mind that this is not long enough for usual tattoo sessions. The cream only prevents the initial skin-breaking pain.

Precautionary Measures

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Some users may have allergic reactions to ingredients of this product, such as redness, irritation, and swelling. Keep out of the reach of children.

10. SXYAN Anesthetic Cream

SXYAN Anesthetic Cream

This Korean product is used to carry out painless cosmetology procedures on the body. It is recommended to use it before making tattoo and artistic drawings with the introduction of a color permanent. Thanks to its unique formula, it is also used for piercing, epilation, especially for procedures that are performed in particularly sensitive areas, as well as for clients with lower pain thresholds. The cream contains 5% lidocaine. The product has a long-term effectiveness, guaranteed quality, and certification. This is one of the cheapest anesthetics in the market in terms of price/quality ratio.


After disinfection of the required parts of the body, apply it to the skin by a flat thick layer. Use a tight bandage or food plastic wrap and wait for 30 minutes to achieve 100% effect. After removing the tight bandage or wrap, wipe it dry. The tattoo master can start working. Anesthesia lasts up to 4 hours.

Precautionary Measures

The skin should not be damaged before use of this anesthetic cream. General contraindications are the same as for described above creams.

General Overview of Anesthetics

To select an anesthetic for the tattoo, it is better to consult with professionals or take advantage of the remedies offered in the tattoo parlor. The correct selection of an anesthetic ointment for the tattoo can minimize the discomfort during the session. When choosing an anesthetic for tattoos, you should adhere to certain criteria that the drug must match.

  • An anesthetic ointment has to come with a high degree of anesthesia.
  • The effect of anesthesia must come quickly.
  • Ointment for the tattoo should have a long-lasting effect.

When choosing a suitable cream, you cannot only get the effect of anesthesia but also strengthen the process of regeneration of the skin epidermis. A complex and painful tattoo procedure, thanks to the use of ointment, will not cause unpleasant troubles and sensations. These creams also narrow the blood vessels, so the area of the body, covered with an anesthetic, looks a bit lighter. The ointments that contain alcohol make the healing more painful. Anesthetic creams with an extract of aloe may harm the colored tattoo picture. It can lose its bright colors.

Before applying the numbing cream, the skin should be treated with an alcohol-containing solution. For effective absorption, the body area must be wrapped dry. Strong rubbing is strictly prohibited. Do not be afraid of light skin burning or a little redness. This is a normal reaction to the drug. Usually, apply the cream on the skin 30-60 minutes before the start of the tattoo session.

The main restriction to visit a tattoo parlor is a ban on taking alcoholic beverages at least one day before. Alcoholic drinks have an expanding effect on blood vessels and increase blood flow, which makes this procedure more painful and difficult for the master to work. Avoid using numbing creams during pregnancy and lactation. This kind of remedies is also prohibited for people with Parkinson’s disease and coronary heart disease. In other cases, the active agent does not have a negative effect on the human body, with the exception of the individual intolerance of one of the components.


Is it bad to put numbing cream on before a tattoo?

Local anesthesia is not very welcomed by tattoo masters for a number of reasons. The main effect of surface anesthetics is a temporary “freezing” of the skin site, resulting not only losing the sensitivity of the skin, but also the effect of coarsening, losing the elasticity and making difficulties to operate. For this reason, anesthesia for tattoo makes significant troubles for the work of the tattoo artist. In addition, after the use of anesthetics, the healing process of the injured sites lasts much longer than without their use.

What is the strongest lidocaine cream?

The usual content of lidocaine in anesthetic creams or tattoo is 5%. The composition of most numbing creams includes active anesthetics, as well as epinephrine, an analog of adrenaline. Due to this combination, the sensitivity of the upper skin layer decreases, which makes it practically painless to making the tattoo for several hours. To date, TKTX Anesthetic Cream has appeared on the market, which is better than previous similar creams due to its unique composition. Consider also Lushcolor OEM Tattoo Anesthetic Cream with 7% lidocaine.

What do you need to know about creams containing lidocaine?

There are many means that can reduce the pain, but the use of creams or sprays with lidocaine for the tattoo is the most effective and affordable option. The effect of lidocaine can last up to 1 or 2 hours. If it is used in combination with epinephrine, it can work up to 4 hours. Usually, lidocaine is well tolerated by the human body. Although, it is true that lidocaine is good not for all. Before using medications with lidocaine, consult your doctor. Pharmacy lidocaine and various sports drugs containing lidocaine are not suitable for anesthetizing during tattoos.

What helps with tattoo pain?

An important advantage of modern anesthetic creams is the absence of big preparatory measures and a quick recovery period after their application. The valuable benefit of surface anesthetics is their instantaneous local action, due to which the process of performing tattoo can last for a long time. Most anesthetics for tattoo have highly concentrated lidocaine as the main active component. Lidocaine hydrochloride reversibly depresses the end of the nerve fibers, which allows the client to completely get rid of the pain during the procedure, however, the tactile sensitivity remains.

Is it possible to strengthen the action of an anesthetic cream for a tattoo?

Yes. There is Sustaine gel for this purpose. It is applied to the already damaged skin, after drawing tattoo contours. Tattoo experts often use this remedy to extend the effect of a pre-procedural anesthetic or to anesthetize the further process.

Do numbing creams work for tattoos?

The modern anesthetic creams often contain substances with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and bactericidal properties. There are creams for the tattoo having substances with a softening effect, which significantly reduces the traumatic manipulation and facilitates the work of tattoo artist.

What are tattoo numbing cream side effects?

The main side effect of the remedies is the occurrence of an allergic reaction – rash, redness, itching, and swelling of the skin. In such cases, it is better to visit a doctor. Intolerance to medications and an allergic reaction are phenomena of a different nature, albeit with similar manifestations. The acute immune response often develops against the background of genetic predisposition and increased sensitivity to certain irritants. Allergies may appear due to the reduced immunity and the effects of certain components in the anesthetic cream. There are rare cases when the use of this analgesic during tattooing can cause undesirable side effects, such as shortness of breath, nausea, weakness, headache, heart rhythm disorder, lowering blood pressure and chills.