Historical Facts and Meanings of Trendy Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoos have been always in demand as they were not only vivid decorative elements for people, they carried certain significations. Nowadays bird tattoos became sought-after due to the huge selection of interpretations as bird designs are versatile, they can be done in almost any style.

The origins of the signification of this tattoo go in the days of ancient Greece and Egypt. Thus, for Greeks, birds were harbingers of happiness, they helped the heroes to perform feats. In Egypt, many priests claimed that the image of a bird in the tomb of the pharaoh would help him to find a way to the afterlife. In the Roman Empire, some birds, such as crows, meant misery and death. Tribes in North America piously believed that birds could control air and communicate with the world of the dead. In Slavic culture, birds denoted higher knowledge and bird tattoos acted as a lucky charm.

Not all birds, which subsist in nature, are elements of tattoos, the trendiest birds are a sparrow, eagle, hummingbird, swallow, owl, peacock, flamingo, raven, phoenix, swan, dove, and a crane.

Thus, tattoos with these birds have the following meanings:

  1. A sparrow indicates the human with high family values, who despite any obstacles, always comes back home.
  2. An eagle symbolizes power, pride, and commitment.
  3. A hummingbird design emphasizes a positive attitude, openness and freedom.
  4. A swallow is a symbol of spring, the awakening of feelings and hope for the best.
  5. An owl signifies death and the misfortune, other nations assume that the owl is about a wise and intelligent personality.
  6. A peacock is the sign of beauty, romanticism, and greatness.
  7. A flamingo is a fragile bird, so this tattoo means a person, who depends on the environment and is not adapted to an independent life.
  8. A raven may have a favorable signification – longevity or a negative one – bad luck.
  9. A phoenix may connote a moral degeneration.
  10. A swan tattoo is worn by those, who want to perpetuate love.
  11. A dove is a symbol of peace, devotion and loyalty.
  12. In European culture, a crane connotes prosperity, for Indians, the crane is associated with the traitor.

Patterns may be put on wrists, sleeves, half sleeves, the back, the chest and legs. In all cases, the design will look attractive.

Hence, bird tattoos will be suitable for optimistic, creative, freedom-loving people, who desire to emphasize their individuality.

#1. Baby Bird Tattoos

baby bird tattoos


#2. Bird Outline Tattoo

bird outline tattoo


#3. Bird Silhouette Tattoo

bird silhouette tattoo


#4. Bird Tattoo Designs for Guys

bird tattoo designs for guys


#5. Bird With Rose Tattoo

bird with rose tattoo


#6. Celtic Bird Tattoos

celtic bird tattoos


#7. Cartoon Bird Tattoo

cartoon bird tattoo


#8. Exotic Bird Tattoos

exotic bird tattoos


#9. Male Bird Tattoos

male bird tattoos


#10. Sexy Bird Tattoos

sexy bird tattoos


#11. Realistic Bird Tattoos

realistic bird tattoos


#12. Simple Bird Tattoo

simple bird tattoo


#13. Abstract Bird Tattoos

abstract bird tattoos


#14. Believe Bird Tattoo

believe bird tattoo


#15. Bird on a Wire Tattoo

bird on a wire tattoo


#16. Bird Shadow Tattoo

bird shadow tattoo


#17. Bird on Tree Branch Tattoo

bird on tree branch tattoo


#18. Popular Bird Tattoos

popular bird tattoos


#19. Bird Feet Tattoo

bird feet tattoo


#20. Unique Bird Tattoo

unique bird tattoo


#21. Bird Tattoo on Thigh

bird tattoo on thigh


#22. Feminine Bird Tattoos

feminine bird tattoos


#23. Colored Bird Tattoos

colored bird tattoos


#24. Bird Tattoo on Chest

bird tattoo on chest


#25. Bird Tattoo on Hand

bird tattoo on hand


#26. Beautiful Bird Tattoos

beautiful bird tattoos


#27. Bird Freedom Tattoo

bird freedom tatto


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