Butterfly tattoo meaningThe butterfly is really a great marvel of our nature. Butterfly tattoos keep a prominent place among varied gorgeous insect tattoos.  Mainly, butterfly tattoos are common for the fair sex. The most flashes of butterfly tattoos are engraved for highlighting womanhood, sensuality and attraction. But today we have some exceptions and a lot of men make cool butterfly tattoos on their bodies. It all depends on the meaning of such a mystique and unique light-winged creature.

The tattoos with butterflies are placed on the various parts of the body as the neck, shoulder, shoulder blade, back or even lower back, chest, belly, foot, wrist and sleeve. The tattoo place depends on the owner`s desire to reveal the tattoo or conceal it, also it depends on the size of the butterfly tattoo.

Behind Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly inks were very popular among the dwellers of Maya and Aztec as they symbolize the eternal fighters` spirits and immortalize the warriors. Such tattoos were mostly designed by the warriors.

In Japanese, the butterfly tattoo was a mark of family values and womanhood.

In China, such tender tat was a sign of fortune, good luck and joy.

Europeans got the butterfly tattoos as a symbol of transformation and changeableness of life.

Symbolic Butterfly Meaning For A Perfect Tattoo

Butterfly always drew and draws human attention from the very ancient time to nowadays. People of different countries, cultures and religions took an interest in such an enigmatical creature. It`s all because of its greatly involved phases of change as it commonly transforms itself from the egg to caterpillar then it becomes a chrysalis and in the end, it finishes its complicated way of transformation when it turns into a splendid butterfly.

This tender small insect passes so long way to become beautiful and attract people`s attention. So, this process reminds of the difficult evolution of human soul and we can draw a parallel between the butterfly and the soul because they are very similar from the philosophical point of view.

The butterfly with its various changing phases marks the inescapable cycle of life and different living periods. As everything is born, grows and changes.

Now, the butterfly tattoos possess such significant meanings as:

  • liberty;
  • love;
  • boundless beauty;
  • spirituality;
  • resurrection and rebirth;
  • transformation, yearning for change and transfiguring;
  • family values, domestic comfort and fireside;
  • good fortune;
  • womanhood;
  • a close tie to our nature;
  • elegance and grace;

Butterfly Tattoo Design Variations

Butterfly tattoo styles involve varied different components. The most popular are tribal, Gothic, Celtic, Monarch butterfly tattoos and butterfly skull, butterfly dragon, butterfly fairies, butterfly tiger, butterfly dragonfly, angel butterfly, butterfly and flower, butterfly and star tattoos. Each element imports some additional meaning to the tattoo or underlines the meaningfulness of the ink.

One more specific feature which you should know: as in nature, butterfly with widely opened wings is a sign of the openness to people. The fluttered butterfly image is inked as a mark of liberty and independence. The butterfly flashes with symmetrically inked wings symbolize harmony.

The womanhood chiefly engraves the butterfly tattoos with some bright, black or monochrome color depending on the tattoo design.

Nowadays the butterfly tattoos are attractive for the mass of womankind. A lot of representatives of the fair sex engrave such gorgeous tattoos to individualize and decorate their body. When you decide to get a butterfly tattoo, you should think about what your tattoo will mark, look through its symbolic meanings and select such meaning that will suit you the best.