The History of the Deer Tattoo

Hey there! What about getting inked with the deer? We can often find the deer ink in the myths of different nations. In the inking art, the deer always bears a real and positive meaning. These remarkable animals have been a long time admired and respected by people of different nations cuz of its beauty and strength.

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Deer Tattoo Symbolism in Different Nations

  • Northern Russian peoples identify deer with vitality and fertility. They associate its luxury branched antlers with the Tree of Life and the powerful sunlight.
  • Asian nations compared the deer with the sunrise, global awakening, and renewal of the human spirit.
  • The Chinese believe that the deer ink is a symbol of wealth and success in all endeavors. In China, the word “deer” sounds similar to the word “abundance”.
  • The American Indians thought that the deer was a symbol of courage, solitude, justice and passion.
  • The Christian religion honors the deer with a cross between its horns, considering it as a God sign and the incarnation.
  • The Scandinavian people used the deer skin for the sacred shamanic rituals. And a rare reindeer in Scandinavia – a symbol of the Great Mother Isa.
  • In the mysterious Mayan tribes the deer was the prototype of the god Tahila. This God was patronizing the hunt.
  • In the ancient Celts tattooing the deer was one of the oldest animals on earth, so it meant a long life and rebirth.

Primary Meanings of the Deer Ink

The different nations interpret the deer inks differently. We need to know that the sense of the deer tats can cardinally vary. It depends on the body location, turn of the head, thematic design and other factors. The main meanings of the deer tattoos are:

  • the longevity, virility, and fertility;
  • the noble solitude, strength, serenity, and grace;
  • the rebirth and durability;
  • the cyclical nature of existence, the infinity of the world, symbol of the sun;
  • the God symbol and the victory of good over evil;
  • the power and justice.

Amongst so many significances of the deer tattoos, there is also a mysterious – this animal is sometimes related to the Tree of Life, cuz the deer antlers bear a resemblance to the crown of trees. Moreover, the deer sometimes depicted tramping the snake into the ground, which symbolizes the triumph of good over horrible evil.

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Thanks to its grace and beauty, these animals are very often associated with music, poetry, and other arts.
The deer tattoo is ideal for confident and calm people, such ink gives the originality to its owner, and it is an excellent guide through the life.