Lion Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

Lions are well-known for their pride. They are mysterious creatures. Some cultures define them as divine animals, while the others are afraid of them. The image of the lion is ambivalent depending on the characteristics it possesses.

Focusing on its features, it is possible to figure out lion tattoo symbolism for various people.
Lion tattoo meaning is derived from specific cultural and religious background. To be more precise, the understanding of the depiction of the lion is versatile in the vast majority of the nations. We will view several opinions concerning the lion tattoos:

Lion’s Head in Tribal Art

Ancient tribes used the picture of the lion as a totem or sign meaning they will have no problems with reproduction and fertility anymore. Also, they believed that if it is drawn, it will bring virility and potency to the male part of the community.
This tattoo was quite popular in the 90’s and nowadays there is a tendency for this trend to return back.

As long as the tribal culture is becoming more and more popular in some social groups, we may see the lion’s head tattoos on people soon.

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Chinese Lion Tattoo

In Chinese culture, lions were treated as the guardians of the temples. The statues of them were put near the temples since people of that culture believed they will keep an eye on them and help when the trouble comes.

Today, people decide to get a tattoo with lion when they want additional protection for their homes, jobs, and even their closest friends. That’s because they think that the power of the tattoo can make all the problems disappear.

Lions in Astrology

There is a group of people who believe that there are 12 signs of the horoscope that are introduced with several animals. Moreover, some of them have calculated that there are even 13 of them. Lion is one of these signs, which is suggested to be owned by people who were born in August.

Therefore, if you want to highlight your loyalty, passion, and intuition as a person of this horoscope sign, it’s time to make a decision. What is more, astrologers claim that this symbol stands for generosity and self-confidence as well.

Courageous Lion Tats

Such a lion image can be found on a coat of arms in Jerusalem or flags in Scotland. It represents the wisdom, strength, and nobility. These nations considered that lions will scare the evil spirits from their countries so that they will prosper.

The courageous lion tattoo is often chosen by people of unique faith. They are confirmed that they have a sound mind and sharp intellect and most of them really do. Choosing a courageous lion tattoo sometimes is the best way of coping with your daily dangers and threats.

Lion of Judah Tattoo

Originally, the design of this tattoo has roots in the Bible. It meant that the lion of Judah or Jesus Christ was about to be born to save the humanity. However, the Old Testament prohibited Jews to place a tattoo on their bodies. Moreover, people were punished for that at those times.
Nevertheless, according to the Bible, modern human’s generation is supposed to live correspondingly with the laws of the New Testament, which is not as strict and narrow about tattoos since its main law is love and mercy.

Lion tattoo meaning and symbolism can add more questions than answers because the approach to the image of the lion is the opposite sometimes.

Additionally, even the Holy Bible provides its readers with two different assumptions about the lion. On the one hand, the lion symbolizes the God, on the other hand, it represents the devil.
It might be concluded that the lion is a neutral image itself, which gives a food for thought about its real qualities. So, it would be better to consult with your feelings and impressions when deciding to place this tattoo anywhere on your body.
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