The History and Surprising Meanings of Owl Tattoos

In nature, an owl is a night bird, which hunts for its victims at night and it looks truly frightening, that is why in many cultures the bird has a negative connotation.

Still, many nations associate this bird with wisdom, wit, and joyfulness. So, it is unattainable to stay indifferent to the owl tattoo and more people choose this startling design in order to embellish their bodies.

Diverse cultures had legends, connected with the owl, which can be allocated into two groups: the first set encompasses myths with negative meanings and another class incorporates positive significations.

So, to the first classification encloses:

  • In China, the owl meant sadness, mourning, and people surmised that this bird had black magic.
  • For Celts, the owl has been the personification of death.
  • For Japanese, it was the harbinger of dying.
  • In some Christian legends, the signification of this bird as the symbol of demise and sorrow is traced. Besides, it can be regarded as the sign of the spiritual blindness.
  • In Africa, people thought that owls accompanied witches and rejoiced together on the graves.
  • In India, there is an idea that the owl is a conductor in the everlasting life.
  • In Mexico, people have associated the owl with a mystical stage in life.
  • In Egypt, the owl could live in two worlds: the living world and the afterlife.

Nonetheless, optimistic connotations still subsist and they comprise:

  • For Indians, the ink represented insight and it protected from the misfortune.
  • Greeks assumed that this bird was the sign of learning and cuteness.
  • In Slavic culture, this image was perceived as the indicator of a man with a poignant wit.

Nowadays, all meanings of this design are evaluated subjectively.

Thus, these denotations are:

  • The primary significance is sagacity, intellectual capacity, and high spirituality.
  • For goths, this tattoo denotes a restless soul.
  • This image can be the symbol of mysticism and magic.
  • People, who are nocturnal, can wear this design.
  • A thoughtful and erudite personality can be the owner of this tattoo.
  • This ink can symbolize loneliness and asociality, which manifests in its highest degree – misanthropy.
  • The owl tattoo suggests longevity since in nature these birds are centenarians.

Oftentimes owl tattoos are placed on hands, legs, hips, the chest, the back, and necks.
Ergo, this ink is voguish and looks marvelous, it is up to each person to decide which denotation the tattoo will have.

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